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Game characters

There are Musical Monsters of different colours in the game. In addition to them, there is also Maestro Doremi and he can be connected to any other monster, which makes it possible to connect more monsters.

There are also villains that need to be defeated. They are:

  • Buzzy: It is impossible to rest when this fly is in the air! In order to frighten it off you have to form a Chorus containing Buzzy.
  • Mono Tony: This villain does not like music. Make the Musical Monsters sing in order to defeat it!
  • Lord Dreamcracker: This villain can’t sleep and wants to keep everyone else from doing so! In order to defeat him, you have to make the Musical Monsters sing. Be careful because he changes their colour!
  • Drooler: This monster will catch the Musical Monsters with a fetid drool bubble. Music from the Monsters will make it go away!
  • Spiders: Let them fall, that way they won’t disturb your sleep anymore.
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