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You have PowerUps before each game as well as once you start. These are not available for use in level one. They will appear as you make progress in the game.

Before the game:

  • Super Voice (x2): 4 random Monsters will double their value.

  • +5: You have 5 extra moves in that level.

  • Maestro Doremi: You have 4 Maestros when the game starts.

During the game:

  • Microphone: Gives Super Voice to 4 random Monsters.

  • Disco Ball: Creates a Super Chorus around the Monster of your choice.

  • Applause: Makes all Monsters of a selected color go away.

  • Eighth notes: Creates a Musical Aura in a 3x3 cell area for one minute.

  • Reflectors: Turns Droolers into Maestro Doremi.

  • Musical tempo: Speeds up the metronomes by 2.

  • Speakers: Releases the muzzled Monsters.

You can buy PowerUps in packages of 3, 6, or 12. They have different costs according to the number purchased. The bigger the package, the cheaper the unit! Some can be bought with coins, while others are bought with gems.

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