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PowerUps will help you answer questions correctly. You can buy them with coins, and each has a specific price. They are not available for questions from Ukko the Wizard.

  • Extra time: it buys you more time to answer the question. This PowerUp can’t be used in Queen mode.
  • Bomb: it dismisses two incorrect answers. This PowerUp is not available in Ninja mode.
  • Double chance: it gives you a second chance to answer. If your first answer is not correct, don’t worry, you can choose another one. This PowerUp is not available in Ninja mode.
  • Skip: if you don’t like a question, you can change it for a different one with this PowerUp. It is not available in the Queen’s questions.   

PowerUps can be found in the question, at the bottom of the screen. They can’t be bought in the Store.    
There are two more PowerUps in the board. They can be used to obtain clues about the location of King Alex. You can only use one per board.

  • Vaporize: this PowerUp opens a box that does not contain King Alex, revealing the character inside it and therefore reducing the chance of making a mistake.
  • X-Ray: this option reveals the content of two boxes using X-Rays. That way, you will know what the boxes contain without having to tap on them.
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