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How can I report a question?

If you run into questions that have wrong answers, include offensive content, or that you feel should not be in the game for any other reason, you can report them using one of the following categories:

Offensive content: The content of the question is offensive.
Spelling or grammar: The question or its answers are misspelled or contain grammar errors.
Wrong answer: The answer is wrong.
Wrong category: The question belongs to a different category.
Wrong region:  The question belongs to another region. Choose this category when a question is about a topic that is too specific for you and would be better suited in another country or region. For example, if a user from the UK receives questions in English about something that is regional to the United States or Australia, that user should report those questions under this category.
Wrong language: The language of the question is not the same as the language of the game you are playing.
Question is not clear: The question cannot be understood.
Repeated question: The question appears in the game multiple times.
Question is too specific:  The question is too specific.
Answer will change: The answer to the question will change in the future. For example: Who is the fastest man in the world?
Spam: The question or one of its answers contains spam.
Other: If the problem doesn’t fit into any of these categories, users can use this category and write a comment describing the problem.

After selecting the relevant category, tap on “OK” to report a question.


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